The calling and awesome responsibility as Pastor of Church of Atlanta Lighthouse fell on Bishop Spires in 1972.  The first service as pastor was on Decmber 31, 1972.  Wth God's divine intervention, we have seen a congregation of 15 grow to our present membership
 of over 1,000


The Church of Atlanta Lighthouse has been a viberant ministry for over 36 years in this city.

These past 44 plus years have not been all "mountain-top " experiences but we have found Him to be the "Lily of the Valley" when we were in the valley. We have seen one miracle after another all during these years.

In 1992, Pastor Spires was honored to have been set into the office of Bishop. He was then led to establish Lighthouse International Ministries, Inc.  L.I.M. currently has several Ministries and Churches affiliated with it.  God is truly blessing this world-wide outreach ministry from the Church of Atlanta Lighthouse.

Bishop Spires has always been mission-minded, believing that we are to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. In 1993, the church sponsored a Crusade to Africa where over 250,000 souls were led to the Lord. Since then, he has returned several times and was able to feed over 5,000 each time with natural food as well as spiritual food. We truly believe that this local church has been blessed because we have reached out to others in other countries.

Bishop Spires ordained First-Lady Doris Spires in 2002 and also placed her in the position of Pastor at that time. Together they are doing exploits for the Lord.

God continues to open doors and make ways for the Church of Atlanta Lighthouse and with your prayers and support and with God's help, this will continue.

Bishop Spires truly believes that "FAITH WORKS and JESUS NEVER FAILS."