Establish a multicultural church
           Promote fellowship among the body of Christ
           Promote and support: evangelism, out reach and missions locally and abroad (including: street witnessing/services, foreign missions, prison ministry and nursing homes)
           Develop a ministry for the Arts to include:  music, liturgical dance and drama in worship
           Build or acquire a multi-purpose family life center for the local church and community
           Develop strong family structures
           Encourage 100% tithe payers and good stewards over money and resources

(becoming: debt free, lenders and not borrowers)
           Develop mature and responsible children and  teens that love God with all their heart & soul
           Promote fellowship among singles in the local church and body of Christ
           Teach believers to Publically worship, praise, obey and defend our statement of faith against non Christians
           Establish corporate partnerships to support and strengthen the church and the community
           Establish training programs for laymen, leaders and ministers
           Support, take care of and love senior citizens