ABOUT OUR Bishop-Elect


Lloyd Timothy McKibbins is the Pastor of Church of Atlanta Lighthouse. Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins comes from a line of clergy both Patriarch and Matriarch. His grandfather Pastored for more than 60 years (Baptist Church), and his grandmother was an Evangelist for over 50 years (A.M.E Church). Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins father was a Pastor/Evangelist and accomplished musician. His mother is also a Pastor/Evangelist. Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins has a host of aunts and uncles who are Pastors, Elders, and Ministers. Ministry is in his bloodline and he has a lifelong dedication to the Lord.

Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins began attending Church of Atlanta Lighthouse, under the leadership of Bishop M.D. Spires, at the age of eight. God called Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbinsinto discipleship at the age of ten when he was saved and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. He began serving in the music ministry as the organist at the age of thirteen, alongside his mother, Pastor Annie O. McKibbins. He served in this capacity for 26 years. In 1982, one of his original works “Heaven is the place that I long to be” was performed by the national choir under the direction of the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark at the COGIC UNAC Convention. 

While serving in the ministry, Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins furthered his education in business to excel in the Marketplace. In 1985, he received his Associates Degree in Business Administration from DeKalb Community College. He went on to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing at Clark Atlanta University, graduating in 1989.

 In 1992, Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins married the love of his life, Candee McKibbins, whom he met at Church of Atlanta Lighthouse. Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins affectionately refers to Lady Candee as the Fragrance of the House. From their union they were blessed with two wonderfully talented sons Christopher & Bradley McKibbins. His sons have followed in their father’s footsteps, as the leaders of the video/sound and music ministries. Not only did he help them lead a balanced life spiritually, he contributed to their educational, musical, and athletic development.

After accomplishing his educational goals as a business leader, Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins decided to focus on nurturing his education in seminary. He attended the Interdenominational Theological Seminary (ITC) from 1993-1995. While completing his seminary studies, Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins was also a leader in the Marketplace. He led a successful twenty-three year career in management, for one of the nation’s top Fortune 500 companies Bellsouth/AT&T Inc. In 1996, he was nominated as an Outstanding Young Man of America.

Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins publicly accepted the call of ministry in August 2001, when his lifelong Pastor, Bishop M.D. Spires, licensed him to go forth and make full proof of his ministry. He was ordained in 2002 and elevated to an Elder in 2006. Bishop Spires installed Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins as shepherd of church of Atlanta Lighthouse on August 3, 2008. He served for a number of years as Co-Director of the Rays of Hope Youth Ministry and he birthed the Men of Light Men’s Ministry in 2013. The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to encourage and restore men’s faith while building a strong safe brotherhood. In addition to serving our local church, teaching strong moral, ethical, and Biblical character it provides men a place for wholesome male bonding and fellowship.

Being anointed and appointed is something Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins does not take lightly. He continues to pursue his ministry education to further his knowledge of the Lords work. He obtained his Masters of Christian Studies in 2016, from Luther Rice College and Seminary. He was recently chosen as a member of the Now/Next Focus Group at the Beulah Heights University to assist with restructuring their Seminary Curriculum. 

Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins is recognized as a community leader with the One Race Reconciliation Movement, in which he has promised the Lord that he is willing to cross denominational, racial, and ethnic barriers to save his generation. In 2018, he reestablished the Lighthouse monthly ministry in the Men and Women’s Metro State Prison; as well as the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. To protect the future generations, Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins serves as a committee member of the UNCF (United Negro College Fund), which meets annually to help support the progression of education in the underserved communities. Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins embodies delivering the message of hope, faith, restoration, healing, and reconciliation to the community to spread the love of God. 

Among his spiritual gifts, Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins walks under a heavy prophetic anointing and is driven by his passion to know the Fathers Heart. He is humble with all of his accomplishments and gives all glory to the most high God. Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins lives by two quotes: “My life is by design” and “Holy Spirit I give you permission to work in my life”. Come worship with us on Sunday morning at 10am and experience the anointed ministry of Bishop-Elect Timothy McKibbins.